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Critical Approaches to Development 2019

The II Workshop Critical Approaches to Development, was held between 26 and 29 November, at PUC-Rio and BPC, with funding from CAPES. This year's edition continued the dialogue between academics, professionals and activists on alternatives to development and alternative developments, this time with a focus on issues related to land, indigenous rights and extraction, with special attention to Afro-diasporic contributions. The transversal axis of the concern with race and gender, taken as lenses, was also maintained and strengthened, permeating all contributions.

The event was attended by Prof. Robbie Shilliam (Johns Hopkins, USA), Kalpana Wilson (Birbeck U., United Kingdom), Mvuselelo Ngcoya (U. Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa), Miriam Lang (UASB, Ecuador), Isabel Rocha de Siqueira (PUC-Rio) and Maria Elena Rodríguez (PUC-Rio), in addition to activists Paul Okumu (African Platform, Kenya, Charles Trocate (MAM) and Élida Santos (Land of Rights).


In addition, several academics presented papers in response to the circulation of call for papers. IIACDes was also accompanied by an important cultural agenda, which involved visits to some projects and places in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


With this edition, the proposal to continue working in a network, in an organic manner, through specific collaborations and with the commitment to continue the series of workshops started in 2018, was consolidated.


The initiative proposes transdisciplinary, deeply political and strongly questioning approaches to racialized and gendered views of development and bet on a frank and plural dialogue between academia and activism.









































































Organization (IRI / PUC-Rio, BPC) :
Isabel Rocha de Siqueira, associate professor

Paulo Chamon, postdoctoral researcher

Support (IRI / PUC-Rio, BPC) :

Beatriz Teixeira, Master's student

Ana Carolina Cardoso, Master's student

Ana Carolina Lacerda, Master's student

Lucas Manuel, Master's student

Laís Ramalho, PhD student

Tatiana Castelo Branco, PhD student

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Workshop 2019 presentations (click on the download icon ):

CONAQ - Coordenação Nacional de Articulação das Comunidades Negras Rurais Quilombolas 

Racismo e Violência contra Quilombos no Brasil

Castelo Branco, Tatiana

Crise climática, injustiça climática e “fragilidade ambiental”

Development of Politics... and the Politics of Development

Lang, Miriam

Development critique revisited: a feminist, decolonial perspective l

Guimarães, Samara Dantas P.

Rethinking local agency and state-building in post-conflict Mozambique: The ambiguous relationship between the state and traditional healers via AMETRAMO

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