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Critical Approaches to Development


The first workshop in the series was held in 2018 and kicked off the formation of a network of academics, activists and professionals who critically engage with the general theme of development, a theme that we understand is broad and transdisciplinary. While we allow for time and general conditions for this network to form organically, this site aims to bring together some of our reflections. Soon, in one of the tabs, a space will be offered for shared knowledge from the South, with texts and materials that are usually not very accessible and that help us to think critically about development as a field, project, practice, politics, industry and philosophy.

For those interested in this dialogue, we invite you to participate in the network's workshops, presenting works or as listeners (in person or virtually), sign up for news and / or get in touch by email (in "Contact").

Keep up with the ACD network by clicking on "Contact."
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Nos acompanhe nas redes sociais!

Keep up with the ACD network by clicking on "Contact."
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